I lead a Warcrafted Life.

Posted in Games by Sandra on September 10, 2008

The Murloc bought Warcraft III the other day. Right now he’s in Chapter 7 of the Human campaign, somewhere on the icy floes of Northrend.

Me? I’d stopped just after that particular Chapter a few months ago, having downloaded the game and the very awesome NoCD crack somewhere. So while he was struggling past the 100 Zombie chapter, I was zipping past Mal’Ganis, Ice Trolls and Arthas’ own troops with the aid of mercenaries. As of 10 September 2008, I’ve unlocked the Undead campaign, and am waiting for the Murloc to catch up with me.

2 little issues – one to do with gameplay and one to do with relationships.

Should I be bothered if my final thought before charging through clumps of Scourge is, “To hell with the footmen, riflemen, healers and sorcerors – I’ll just bring Arthas and Muradin through!!”? [If you must know, this was in Chapter 8: Dissesion – where you had to burn your troops’ ships within 30minutes.]

I mean, that thought just states how the word “strategy” doesn’t mean a thing to me in a game that’s supposed to be, well, strategy-based, right?

It occurred to me then that I cannot label myself as a true gamer. I am an MMORPGer, not a “gamer”.

Oh, but “gamer” sounds so much more cooler!! :<

The fact that I’m actually bothering to wait for The Murloc to get the Undead campaign before I proceed with mine.

Does it smack of “(sweet)-things-that-couples-do-together” to you? Like how Aurorine and Krisen levelled from Level 1 together, and to this day, still do dailies together? Or how Vystique and Rystique have such similar names??

One thing I’m extremely happy with in this relationship is my perceived ability to not be clingy, not have to do things together, not have cute pet names (although we do – but it’s not a “must”).

Is my world falling down?

Is this the start of a slippery slope of clingyness?

… Oh dieting netherdrakes, I hope not.

In other news, The Murloc and I have just come out of Zul’Aman with The Twenty Minuters, a young Australian guild that has merged with The Outback Crusaders. Very easy-going guys, fun to raid with. I was extremely amused when raid leader Rewand demanded more communication over Ventrilo. Says that no one was talking during the fight so no one knew what was happening. Talk, people, talk!!

We were considerably more proactive with that Push-To-Talk button the next fight.

All in all, we spent a little over 2 hours in Zul’Aman with Hexlord Malacrass. (We’d cleared the other 4 bosses and got one timed chest on Monday night.)

I like raiding with Aussie time. As I write, Crucial is in the Black Temple. I haven’t raided with them for so long; I do miss them, but I simply can’t find it in me to stay up till 2am. Thanks to being with the Murloc, my circadian system’s been shifted 2 hours earlier…

Not a bad thing, since I’ve been getting up in time and actually been early for classes. SY thinks that I’m being possessed by an alien – aka The Murloc.

Damn, I’m one good digresser (is it really a word?). Shall leave thee in peace for the night, and go do something more productive.

Like editing category names into more sensible, rather than poetic ones.


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  1. corruptemotions said, on September 11, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    On the topic of mmorpgs… i geave my account to a former ffxi friend… no more Kaosorb ; ; i need a new knickname… good to see u arent single anymore^^ i hope he treats you good, sad to see I’m not on your blogroll anymore…. You will still be on mine :D love ya srry havent talked in so long. And good thing to apply oneself to ones future even if it isnt here yet no matter how early or alien abducted u seem to be >.>

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