My Murloc Needs ZP Anonymous

Posted in Conversations, The BF by Sandra on August 29, 2008

im just a friendly duck – a well wisher
:::quack quack:::
and you just want to smack my beak!
or is it bill?

And ducks are notorious for suddenly turning on their caregivers

no theyre not!
theyre friendly and loyal

My arse /snort
they can appear to be friendly and tame
then launch an attack on you!

there just being playful
theyre roleplayting


they have no hands so they pretend to be horde and attack you but then they come and love you once theyre poked you with theyre bills
Epic bills!!
with plus quack and snap abilities increased by %5 for all attacks

Dear Yahtzee, I think my boyfriend needs help.

i havent watched one today



might go see one now!

Dear Yahtzee,

Ever since my Partner started watching you 2 months ago, shortly after we got together, he’s been making you a permanent fixture of his life. Last week, he told me that he wants to have your babies.

But that’s not all.

He actually gets horny listening to your masculine voice being ejected out of his speakers. I fear that one day, your voice might replace foreplay all together – which isn’t a good idea because unfortunately for him, I don’t get turned on by your voice.

I beg you, Yahtzee, please, please, please release your stronghold on his masculinity and LEAVE HIM ALONE before I get Chris Crocker into this.

With Love,

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