My body wants to dance!

Posted in Quick by Sandra on May 11, 2008

A plethora of dance-related movies have arisen in the past few years, and almost always featured a grungey street-dancer meets refined-arts-school-dancer theme. And almost always love sparks between the two. Well I’m no street dancer nor classically-trained dancer, but I’ve caught myself shaking (slightly) to the beat of the music.

Shaking like jello, that is.

I want to dance, but I don’t dare to. I have huge feet which are flat, thick legs, and I’m an absolute klutz in everything. I cannot hope to become those lithe creatures who prance around so easily on high heels – I can’t even be sure those heels would stay on my feet for long because it hurts my right foot, and there’re almost never shoes my size.

That’s probably why I was so excited to find out that they added “real” dance moves in FFXI for everyone. Now, I can do an elegant waltz, a passionate samba, and even a lively jig! Now that I can dance ingame… maybe I should take the step to pick up dancing for real…

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