Posted in Prose by Sandra on October 13, 2007

No one seems to care.

She sat at her corner of the cool, round marble table, going through life questions people post on Yahoo! Answers, reading free news from the BBC and Reuters, and half keeping an eye on the list of names on the left side of her screen, waiting.

“Do I not deserve to be happy?”

“I can’t seem to really feel emotions…”

“Why is a faithful friend so hard to find?”

Questions, questions, questions… from every internet-connected corner of the world. She was bored, and she didn’t have anyone she really wanted to talk to. There is one, but he hasn’t been available to talk to her. She had just had a pretty hectic day, was sore all over, and just wanted to hear him talking. She took an odd comfort in his voice – like a verbal comforter.

On her MSN list, people had names like “I just dunno what’s in you…”, “Single and Walking Alone”, “You’re my last chance”, and the most telling – “I Feel Like…….” Did anyone initiate a conversation with them based on their names? She had no idea – so she tried.

“What do you feel like?” she typed in, gazing at the display picture of a leopard. Perhaps he meant that he felt like a leopard. Sleek, powerful, deadly – a stealther. Amongst the people, seeking his next target with deadly precision.

There was no answer.

She shrugged, and turned back to a game she found, trying to ignore the time crawling by, trying to stop missing him, trying to learn to be okay with being alone.

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